Paths to efficient and motivating learning

Paths to efficient and motivating learning

Last year was a super year for many organizations in terms of using more and more digital tools – also from the point of view of training, learning and managing. Priima developed in major steps as we introduced new features and functionalities. The development of our support services has been an important part of this past year: we published Priima Help Center in April and Priima Academy in October to support our customers’ work in Priima even better and more efficiently. This way we can offer support smoothly on top of distance training, regardless of time and place. 

Of course, the development work continues actively in cooperation with our customers this year. Below you can see more closely what we have planned for this year. Click the image to view it bigger.

Learning paths and collaborative learning

Priima is developed in an agile way. This basically means that for example extensive feature entities are developed in parts that are published as they get done. One concrete example of this is for example learning paths. In 2020, we developed dynamic groups as a base implementation that will enable position users to different learning paths. We will publish the visual user interface of learning paths in spring 2021 when the formatting and tracking of the learning paths will be easier and faster. Learning paths enable personalized progress from one learning entity to another.  

Interaction helps to support and optimize learning paths. There needs to be a proper amount of tracking as well as timely management and support. With the help of Priima’s basic functionalities, the learning entities’ content can be divided into suitable parts. This makes it possible to schedule the progress or to proceed as best suits the user. In some situations it might be useful to, for example, gamify or visualize learning even more efficiently with the help of Open Badges. Priima year 2021 brings more functionalities and possibilities to all of this. In addition to learning paths, we will publish learning communities in March meaning there’s going to be even more versatile functionalities available in learning together and communicating. 

Competencies and allocation in the centre of things

This year, competencies and skills will be brought up even more in Priima. In summer 2021, we aim to publish a competence level entity that helps in searching and allocating learning based on competencies. 

Also, personal desktops help in optimizing user experience. This makes it possible to allocate essential content to the user making the user experience better and more efficient. With the help of recommendations, allocating learning content and searchability is supported in a more versatile way than before. 

Priima year 2021 brings many new features and functionalities as well as new opportunities to fulfil different kinds of processes in practice. This year, as last year, you can find basic instructions in Priima’s Help Center and get ideas on how to utilize Priima in different situations better in Priima Academy. Make sure you follow our blog and newsletters – we will inform about new things regularly!    

With winterly regards,
Priima team

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