High quality online learning in Optima learning management system.

Optima LMS has been used in several Finnish companies and schools for the last 20 years. However, technologies change and due to this, we started to develop a new learning management system, Priima, from scratch. We still maintain Optima and some organizations use it to this day.

New beginnings

The needs of our customers have changed drastically over the years. Certain teacher-centric structures just didn’t bend towards a more agile way to produce trainings.

Due to this, we started to think about a new version of Optima back in 2015. After brainstorming and excellent development work we created a totally new and modern Priima learning management system.

Thanks to our long experience, we knew that in this case it wouldn’t be wise to build new on top of old. So we started from the beginning. Both us and our customers think that it has It all been worth it.