Totara Talent Experience Platform

With Totara Talent Experience Platform, your organization fulfils all functions related to learning, engaging and performance with one combining platform. The platform consists of services called Learn, Engage and Perform, that can be used alone or all together.

Freedom to learn.

Totara Learn answers to the limitations of traditional LMS’ with an adaptive and extendable solution. The service can be used with different kinds of online learning needs and it can be adjusted flexibly depending on the organization’s training demand.

Trainings can be allocated to desired target groups and it’s possible to guide learners towards right entities with the help of learning paths. Learning can be done on any device and the service is user-friendly. Users from outside the organization, such as customers, partners and temporary employees, can also join online courses in the platform. Learn offers versatile reporting tools.

Thousands of organizations around the world use Totara Learn and it has around 19 million users.

Empowering Learning Experience Platform (LXP).

Commit your employees with easy to use Totara Engage by utilizing collaboration and informal learning. Learners get right training, resources and knowledge at the right time – all in the flow of work.

Sharing and maintaining all kind of content from micro learning, articles and blogs to images, podcasts and videos is facilitated easily with the help of playlists. Peer interaction complements formal learning programs and processes. Totara Engage can be integrated to services such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Totara Learn and Totara Perform.

Totara Engage supports the effective incorporation of productivity, performance and motivation.

Take performance to new heights.

Totara Perform combines the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback, continuous and traditional performance management practices in a completely new way. As the service is very flexible, performance management processes can be tailored to match your real business needs.

Perform helps to intensify traditional evaluations with regular check-ins, feedback and other continuous performance management activities. Perform’s graphical reporting helps to notice quickly what works, provide support if needed and identify top performers.

Totara Perform offers all necessary tools to nurture a high-performance culture.

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