Identified online learners

Identified online learners

Easy, and at times required, strong electronic identification is a basic prerequisite for using digital services. As Finland is taking a digital leap, it needs operative and easy to use login services. There are numerous ways available to login to Priima LMS and we have now added the possibility for strong electronic identification to the selection.

In online learning, the producer of the training usually adds the users directly themself or transfers user credentials from organisation’s own user data systems to the learning management system. Then the provider of the training services is responsible for confirming the identity of the learner in a level that is required. In cases like these, it’s possible to handle the login either with Priima’s local credentials or connect employees’ Priima credentials to a Single Sign-On solution that the organisation uses. We have implemented for example Azure AD solutions for several customers.

User registering independently is easy

We are moving towards procedures in online training where learners register on their own to systems in order to achieve the competence that they need. Once the users register to the learning management system, they can search the courses that interest them from course selection. It’s also possible to allocate desired courses to users that login using the registration form. Priima offers versatile options for this need.

In many situations, the needed level of identification is achieved when the user registers to the service using their own email address. Then the service provider knows that the user manages the email address they’ve provided. Priima supports this procedure with registration forms through which the users can sign up as Priima users in the registration page. It’s possible to add as many forms as needed for example for course specific registration.

Our customers can also enable Facebook, Google or LinkedIn login. Then the learner can use other service provider’s user credentials for signing up to Priima and they don’t need to memorize the learning management system’s user credentials separately. It’s possible to define in Priima’s course selection beforehand what courses the users using other system’s user credentials can sign up for or join.

Strong electronic identification verifies identity

In all situations, email address or user credentials from other services are not strong enough to verify identity. In online training, strong identification of identity might be needed for example when the person is taking a course required by the law: the person must go through specific training in order to qualify for the work they are doing or they might need to acquire a license through training. Then it’s possible to use strong electronic identification in Priima where the person’s identity is verified as the law requires. Many are familiar with this procedure from using bank and tax services, Finnish National Agency for Education’s Koski service or Kanta service that saves health data.

We have added support for Telia Tunnistus service for using strong electronic identification. With the help of this, users can login to the system either with their bank credentials or Mobile ID. This way the provider of the online training has verified the learner’s identity as required by the law.

You are welcome to learn as an identified user in Priima! We have a suitable way to recognise learners for every organisation. Contact us and book a demo from here

Novemberly regards,
Priima team

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