Veikkaus: Totara is a cost-efficient learning management system and sharing material is easy with it.

Eight charity associations together with representatives of the Finnish government founded Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY) and it started its operations in 1938. From the very beginning, funds acquired from the slot machine games have been used for developing the public health. RAY, Fintoto and Veikkaus merged into a single gaming company called Veikkaus Oy (Ltd.) owned by the Finnish State on January 1st 2017.

There were a lot of expectations regarding the new learning management system

Veikkaus has around 1600 employees all over Finland and some of them work during the weekends and at night. For this reason, organising traditional training sessions is not only difficult, it is also expensive, Training Manager Hannu Heinonen states. RAY needed a time saving and cost effective tool to share training material fast to different recipients and that’s when Totara LMS came to the picture. This was especially important considering their employees, so that the know-how and skills regarding new game products could be ensured effectively.

The flexibility, ability to modify reporting according to business needs, load tolerance and the visibility settings of online courses, as RAY offers training also to their partners, were all substantial criteria when it came to choosing a new online learning environment.

Totara’s business oriented reporting and HR-like features in key position

Veikkaus ended up choosing Totara as their LMS because of the platform’s developed and business centred reporting features and because the courses are easy to direct to right recipients as well as easy to find. Hannu mentions, that especially the latter mentioned features are key factors to benefit from the platform and for the user experience. “Great addition to the package are also a bunch of HR related extra features like staff evaluation.”

Hannu thinks that Discendum did a good job with managing the commissioning project although transferring a large amount of courses from the old LMS to the new one didn’t happen exactly without challenges. Creating the user groups and visibility settings also took time. “A good thing was that the project model forced us to think about the target groups and the targeting rules.” Hannu lists moderate pricing and well-managed development in cooperation with an international community of users as Discendum’s strengths.

Totara has improved user experience and intensified monitoring

Totara’s benefits have been quickly seen internally: the new LMS has crucially improved user experience and it is easier than before for managers to track performance through reports. Hannu says that Totara is being used in a strong and comprehensive way in internal vocational training, implementing product know-how as well as sales and responsibility training aimed at partners. The certification feature offered by Totara has made it possible to track the fulfilment of statutory training.

“We are now testing the HR features of Totara and it’s our meaning to expand the training offering also to partners. User experience has absolutely gotten better and people are revising things also at their own time because of the comprehensive course offering,” Hannu concludes.