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Below you can find answers to some most frequently asked questions that we get regarding Priima learning management system.

Do we need a learning management system?

If your organization trains employees, customers, partners or other interest groups then yes, you do need a learning management system (LMS)! An LMS can be used for supporting and enriching face-to-face training but it can also replace face-to-face training completely depending on the situation. Online learning lowers costs, learning experience gets better, monitoring and reporting becomes easier and your interest groups can learn regardless of time and place.

We already have an LMS. Why would we change to Priima?

Great that you have stepped into the world of online learning! It’s worth to try out Priima as it’s genuinely user-friendly for both the learner and the trainer. Learner can see with one glance all important information and study on any device. Trainer can produce trainings fast by using Priima’s own tools as well as utilize external content from other sources if needed. The platform has been designed as modular so it’s smooth to integrate other systems to Priima. Also, Priima is completely a Finnish service and it’s maintained in Finland.

Who is Priima meant for?

Priima suits all organizations regardless of industry or size. The pricing model of our platform is cost-efficient and it adapts to your organizations needs. It’s easy to organize single courses or trainings with Priima but also manage a wider online learning entity.

What is the implementation like?

In its simplest form, the implementation can be very fast; we open a Priima environment to you, arrange a face-to-face or online training session on how to use Priima after which you are ready to start using the service. If you need integrations or a wider testing of the environment, we will schedule the needed time for these. We take care of these projects in an agile way and with strong experience!

Can we use a customer-specific server?

Usually Priima is used as a cloud service and there is no need to make separate installations. But yes, it’s possible to use your own server if desired.

Is using Priima safe?

Yes! GDPR has been present in the development of Priima since day one. We comply with all common information security regulations. The information security of our customers and their end-users is a top priority for us. Priima is maintained and developed in Finland and it has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol.

Can I try Priima?

You can try Priima learning management system from the learner’s point of view by creating an account to Priima Academy (in Finnish). You can find a course in Academy that introduces you to Priima’s versatile features!

How do I order Priima LMS?

You can send a message through the contact form and we’ll answer you as soon as possible! You can also reach us by phone or email. You will get an account to a demo environment and we can look together how Priima would best benefit your organization.

I still have some questions!

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have regarding Priima. Check out our contact information and let’s talk! Make sure you also check out Priima Help Center for more detailed descriptions.