FSL: we continued our eLearning partnership with a reliable partner and chose modern Priima LMS

The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation (FSL) was established in 1956. The organization’s most notable tasks are the improvement of swimming skills and water safety. They guide the usual swimming teaching and lifesaving work, advise and educate and train the professionals in the field. FSL also improves the safety of public swimming pools, beaches and other swimming places. In addition, FSL issues lifesaving badges for deserving people in water rescue, maintains advance statistics of drowning accidents for the usage of media and officials and sells swimming badges that motivate the learning and development of swimming skills.

FSL’s road from Optima to Priima learning management system

FSL first pondered back in 2012 if a learning management system would benefit them. At first, a portal-like solution was in place in the organization. Training materials were in the form of videos. However, this brought up a challenge. They weren’t able to edit or update the contents of the environment on their own. Due to this, FSL began to search for a new service provider that would better answer their needs a year later.

This is where we, Discendum, come to the picture. FSL’s new solution was Optima learning management system, which is the predecessor of Priima LMS. Fast forward a few years. Learning management systems develop, needs change and FSL changed from Optima to modern Priima learning management system. The implementation took place in fall 2019. The implementation took place in fall 2019.

This was an excellent point in time because now we know what kind of a world we live in today. Due to distance learning, the usage of Priima learning management system has increased a lot. We also strongly believe that Priima’s development won’t stay in place and Discendum is ready to challenge themselves whenever needed,” FSL’s Lifesaving Education Planner Anne Hiltunen says.

The user-friendliness and versatility of a learning management system in key position

FSL has experienced the cooperation with Discendum as reliable, and it felt easy to move from using Optima to using Priima. “The implementation process went well. At first, we tried Priima learning management system on our own and then had a comprehensive orientation. Also, if you have any questions, Priima’s helpdesk gives amazing service every time. You get help easily and effortlessly,” Anne thanks.

It’s easier to follow the progress of learners with the help of Priima and it’s a flexible platform that adapts well to very different needs. Learners are also able to monitor their own progress conveniently. The learning management system can be utilized in the form of assignments, tests, exams and for example webinars in a versatile way. Precisely, the platform’s user-friendliness and comprehensive tools were in key position when choosing a new learning management system. “I would say that the best qualities of Discendum as a service provider are good service, versatility, living in the current time and adaptable Priima LMS,” Anne explains.

It’s easy to expand online trainings when the base is good

FSL educates around 3000 people every year and most of them use Priima learning management system one way or another in their studies. All course materials are in Priima. The return of assignments is simple and it’s easy for the trainer to give feedback to the course participants. “During the pandemic, it’s also possible to organize just an online course that the course participants study independently regardless of time and place,” Anne continues.

The users have given positive feedback regarding Priima. Priima motivates the user to study in a course as they are able to monitor their progress very easily. Educational institutions are also using Priima and educators have praised its usability. Anne believes that the number of online courses they offer will expand even further and it’s efficient to take courses online with the help of Priima.